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From Timothy D.:

Tails of Boston is great! Heather is super friendly and professional and does a great job. Her prices are extremely reasonable and she is very accomodating in terms of schedule. I would recommend her to anyone! My cockatiel loves her.

From Koonz O.:

I was totally new to this pet-sitting services, and I had found Heather through Yelp. My little mini yorkie is hard to get along with because of her hyper personality, and I knew Heather was dependable and trustworthy with my dog when my dog literally jumped into her arms when she saw her for the second time. I hate parting with my dog over the weekends and vacations, but whenever I come back home, she’s always in a good mood, and I know Heather took care of her really well. Heather leaves little notes on how my dog did. You can tell Heather really cares for these pets like her own, and I always appreciate her honesty. She’s always available via texts, which makes everything that much easier in case you want to know how your pet is doing. I would definitely recommend her. Thanks, Heather!!!

From Tracy L.:

Tails of Boston has been visiting with our dog for about two years now. Our schedules shift, and Heather is almost always able to accommodate a visit with our dog in the evening. She has also been extremely patient with our dog who is slow to warm up to new people. We are thankful for her services and would highly recommend her to others.

From Julia R.:

Feels a little bit like piling on since Tails is obviously vary highly rated by others who have commented!! My weim and I have used Heather for nearly 2 years now. She’s wonderful, reliable, great with my dog and super flexible. Additionally, her rates are great. WHAT ELSE COULD YOU NEED?!

From Rachel R.:

Heather is fantastic! I work hard and travel frequently, so it has been great to have Heather’s help with my wonderful new puppy. I signed up for the twice daily puppy walking — it just makes me feel great that my dog is getting the attention she needs during the day. Heather has also boarded my dog when I travel. My dog has already been on so many adventures with Heather, and Heather even sends frequent photos of what fun they have been having. I spoil my dog and so does Heather! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

From Kiera S.:

Heather is the best dog walker/boarder we could ever ask for! We called Tails of Boston on the recommendation of our neighbor, who also uses and loves Tails of Boston. Heather has been walking our lab mix,  Cody, since we brought him home at 9 weeks old! I was a neurotic, first time puppy mom, and Heather came to our home and calmed our nerves. She showed us little tricks to help train our pup and helped to mold him into the greatest little dog. Cody adores her and so do we. Nothing but the highest recommendations come from us! Go Tails of Boston!

From Robert E.:

Heather is absolutely the best!!!

From Karen C.:

I’ve been using Heather for about a year. She walks my dog, Willow. Willow loves their walks together. Heather is reliable and extremely reliable. And you can tell she loves animals by the way she interacts with them. I never have to worry about Willow when I leave her home when I go to work because I know she is in good hands with Heather. Plus Heather will leave me little notes to tell me how their walk went. If you’re looking for a dog walker who will love your dog and take care of them when you are not around, then Heather is your person!!

From Nick P.:

My girlfriend has an extremely hyper and jealous little dog that has a difficult time getting along with strangers (dogs and humans). At first we were scared to call a pet sitter because we were nervous about how she would interact with someone new. To our surprise, she was jumping into Heather’s arms after the first visit. Heather is very thorough and keen on personalizing her service to each and every pet. We feel totally comfortable trusting her with our dog. It’s also nice to know that she is easily accessible via phone, text, or email.

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