Group walks – No more than three dogs, allowing for some social exercise and potty time.
Dog lying down on grass
20 minutes – $15
40 minutes – $21
60 minutes – $25

Private leashed walk – A one-on-one jaunt through your own neighborhood. If you have an older dog, or a character with special needs, then individual attention in the middle of the day is just what your dog needs.

20 minutes – $23
40 minutes – $32
60 minutes – $35

Puppy walk – The perfect solution for the newest member of your family. We will stop by 2 or 3 times a day to let him out to explore his new surroundings easing his transition into your home. Available for dogs up to six months of age. Priced the same as private leashed walks. Second and third walks on same day receive a 25% discount on those walks.

Multiple pets – Each additional dog receives a %25 discount from the above rates.

Evening / Weekend Walks – Is a late night client meeting or work keeping you at the office longer than you expected? Lucky the dogFor an additional $10 fee added to the above service rates we can walk your dog prior to 10:00 am or after 4:00 pm on weekdays, or on weekends.

We provide a free consultation to new clients. Please contact us with your pricing and availability questions, or for any other questions you may have.